Treasure Mountain Tanay

Treasure Mountain Tanay

Ever heard of Treasure Mountain? And no, it is not a mountain where you can find a secret treasure chests with gold. However, you can find a lot of natural treasures.

One of the most impressive places to be is Treasure Mountain that’s located in Sitio Maysawa Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay Rizal and is less than two hours away from Metro Manila.

Treasure Mountain is famous for its SEA OF CLOUDS that can rival that of the Sagada’s in the Mountain Province and a scenic view of Sierra Mountain Ranges. It doesn’t require you to go on a trek to get there. You could also do trekking there, but the path is very accessible by vehicles.

What is the Sea of Clouds?

Treasure Mountain is located on the high peaks of Sierra Madre Mountain which is the longest mountain in the Philippines (680 KM long and 1900 meters high). The reason why it is called the Sea of Clouds is because once you are on top the longest mountain and in the early morning of dawn the clouds will be visible between the mountain. It will look like you are standing on an island and the lower parts will be covered in clouds like a sea. This phenomenon is being referred to as the Sea of Clouds.

And here’s what awaits you in Treasure Mountain

The SEA OF CLOUDS, it is what the Treasure Mountain is famous for. So when people talk about Sea of Clouds you know they are referring to Treasure Mountain. When picturing sea of clouds, the first mountain that comes to our mind is Mt Pulag that is located in Northern Luzon. Yes!

However we have great news, you do not have to travel over 6 hours just for this magical experience. You don’t need to go to Sagada or Mt. Pulag just to see a sea of clouds. You can now find here just around the corner nearby Manila.

What you need to know before going to the Sea of Clouds

Here is a very important head up! The timing to have a chance to experience this beauty of nature. Make sure you are there around 5 AM in the morning. As the sun start to rise you will see the clouds low in the mountain due to the chilly temperature. Pass 7 AM the sun is at a high point and at that moment the the clouds are gradually disappearing. 

Why can you see the Sea of Clouds only during the morning? 

In the early morning the temperature is cold and chilly. Just enough that the clouds stay low. Once the sun starts to rise and at around 7 AM the sun starts to shine strongly and the temperature is gradually increasing. This means that the clouds which are basically slightly vaporized water are starting to heat up and the water starts to vapourize. This means the clouds that you could see at first are disappearing. As you can see it sounds like you are becoming a weather forecaster. Learning how the sun reacts to water that forms a cloud and then it disappears. 

Weekends are busy at Treasure Mountain

During the weekends the area is extremely busy due to many people who want to see this fantastic moment. Parking is very tough as it is up the mountain and not all cars can go nor is there enough parking. Do not get fooled the area does not have many parking spaces. If ever you come by car make sure you have time to find parking space, or you can just join our joiner tour where the driver will just bring you to the places without you having to worry. 

What can you do more in Treasure Mountain?

Perhaps you are not a person who likes to see the view. You are interested in something more adventurous. Well guess what Treasure Mountain also have something to offer for the daredevil. See here all the activities they currently offer.

Spider web hammock experience

The Spider web hammock experience is probably the one you see very often on your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. It is very famous and this was created by another Tanay award-winning sightseeing spot called Masungi Georeserve. However, for many who wanted to visit Masungi Georeserve tends to be very busy and they have a waiting list. Luckily Treasure Mountain created their own version which is great and gives you now the opportunity to do more than only seeing Sea of Clouds. This mountain does have hidden treasures.

What is a HAMMOCK?

A hammock is basically a rope or a net which is hanging and where you can rest on. Basically a net where you can rest which is hanging. In this case the Spider web is a large hammock (a net made out of ropes) tighten to 4 large metal posts. Which can hold many people.

The biggest difference between the Masungi Georeserve hammock and the Treasure Mountain hammock is the ropes. In masungi these ropes are made from solid metal as you are high on the mountain cliff. In Treasure Mountain they are made from comfortable ropes and you are just 3 meters above a flat grass land. So it is very safe for people.

For safety reasons the Spider web hammock experience will allow maximum 10 people on the hammock. The maximum time you are allowed to stay there is 15 minutes, which should be more than enough to find that perfect picture.

High Ropes Obstacle Course / Trial

Perhaps you are a real adventurous person. You want to get the best out of yourself and that is great. In that case you might not only want to see the Sea of Clouds but also experience the thrill of the intense rope course. The High Ropes Obstacle Course. This rope trail comes together with the Spider web picture taken at the very end of the trail. This course starts with a 3 meter elevated area and goes quickly up to a 5 ~ 7 meter high trail. 

It is done very nicely and the rope trail is divided in four sections. For the rope course itself you have 1 hour the time to get from one end to the other end. The first section is where you climb up the ropes. It states a 3 meter elevated area and quickly goes up 5 meters. 

The next section is what they would refer to the warming up section. It is where you are practicing to walk on the rope bridge with enough ropes to hold on too. This is great for practicing as the third part will become the real challenge. 

On the third section you will have to learn how to walk on small wooden planks with only a single rope to hold on. If you have seen those movies with those “old scary” bridges, this is a similar one except this one is well maintained. But it forces you to pay attention. 

Finally once you made it the fourth section is the spider web experience. However, to get there via the rope trail you need to walk another set of different rope bridges and crawl at some places to reach the entrance of the spider web experience. It is nicely done and only for real dare devils. 

But do not worry, people who did this funtastic / fantastic rope trail had a blast. They enjoyed it and experienced a lot of fun and learned themselves better. 

Treasure Mountain Swimming Pool

Currently this is in a further stage of development. In March 2019 they launched their soft opening however, they did not open it for the public yet as we seen in March 2020 it was closed again for extended development until further notice.

Rock Formation Climbing

If you are really a person who wants to challenge yourself there is something that might be suitable for you. The climbing of the rock formations. A great place to take pictures to boast on your Facebook newsfeed, but there is a clear warning here.

Please be very careful when climbing because it is almost at the end of the cliff and these rock formations are steep.

How to get there (Treasure Mountain)

Opening Hours of Treasure Mountain

The opening hours will depend on the facility. Each of them have their own opening / operating hours.


Day tour entrance fee (5 AM to 3 PM) – Php 150
Overnight entrance fee (4 PM to 1 PM the next day) – Php 200


Daytime entrance fee (7 AM to 4 PM) – Php150 for adults, and Php100 for children 10 and below
Big cottage (maximum of 15 people) – Php550
Small cottage (maximum of 10 people) – Php350
Corkage fees – Php350 for food, P50 per bottle for alcoholic beverages

Spider Web Hammock Experience

High ropes obstacle course

Spider’s web – Php 150 per head
Whole course – Php 250 per head
Note: Operating hours are from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Tent Rental – Php 500 for 2 pax and Php 800 for 4 pax
Sleeping mat – Php 200 per mat
Lodge – Php500 per head (minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 5 guests)
Kubo – Php3,500 maximum of 6 guests

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