Bali Birds Nest, El Patio Razon

Have you ever heard of the famous Birds Nest in Bali, Indonesia? This was one of the most instagram-able sightseeings in Bali. It went viral as everyone in the world loved the incredible sight and questioned how it was possible to make a picture in a bird nest like that.

You probably saw this on many people’s newsfeed. However, we have some wonderful news for you! The Bali Bird Nest is now also available in Tanay! Yes, you do not need to travel far and abroad to see this wonderful piece of photo art. Just an hour away from Manila!

Why the Bali inspired Bird Nest is so special?

The Bird Nest become the Instagram place of the year in 2018 / 2019 in Bali. It was so special because of the scenery and the way the picture was taken. People were sitting in the wooden created large bird nest which was hanging from the tree and when you look at the picture it was like you were sitting in a bird nest high on the mountain. It is beautiful and an absolute must have.

Why the shape of a bird nest?

Did you know that in Bali, Indonesia the Bird Nest is a very important export product. Yes we are not talking about the big ones but it is also a natural phenomenon. In Indonesia there are swift birds that create their bird nest. These are so called edible bird nest and they export around 2 million KG of these a year. So these nest are big business and in honour of giving these lovely bird a token of appreciation the person created something to let the world remind.

The Birds Nest in El Patio Razon

The best of all is that the bird nest photo taking is in El Patio Razon. A place that does not only offer this but a lot more such as Kawa Hot Bath, the Hobbit House and the Heart shape picture spot. This makes this destination a joy to visit as people can do a lot here.

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