Joiners Tours

Are you looking for exciting joiner tours package? 

Summerset Travel Agency offers great joiner tour experiences for a great price. We are specialized in a specific joiners tour destination which is Tanay Joiners Tours. Here at Summerset Travel Agency, we are dedicated to supply high quality value for all. Due to this we have a specialized tour in Tanay which we do on a weekly basis. 

What is a Joiner Tour?

Are you new and wonder what a joiner tour means? A joiners tour is a group tour with many individuals together to fill up an entire van. All the customers are combined to get a full van. Due to this the rates of a joiners tour is cheaper compare to a private group tour. This makes traveling more affordable and together with others more fun. 

How can I avail for a joiners tour?

Our joiners tours are very quickly sold out. Due to limited capacity of our van we have a fixed amount of seats per tour. We can accommodate 12 travellers to tour. This means that if you are interested to you have to inquire and avail immediately. To avail please contact our travel agents as we have to check if the date you want to avail still have any slots available. Once you have the answer, send us your contact details and the travellers details that will join the tour. Once you submitted your details, please follow the reservation or payment instructions. 

Once you paid, your slot has been confirmed and reserved. Please note that this is all based on first come, first serve basis. This means that we do not hold slots, we sell that to the ones who paid. Due to high demand the seats are usually quickly sold out. 

What does Buy 1 Take 1 Joiners Tours mean?

We currently have a special joiners tour package promo, which is the Buy 1 Take 1 promo. The Buy 1 Take 1 promo is exactly what it means. If you avail our package it is good for two pax. So you and a companion can travel along. We understand that no many want to travel alone so we have this special offer for two to go. 

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