Credit Card Authorization Letter
Authorization Letter Details
Authorization Letter Instructions
  1. Please fill up the form. Once you did that save the file as PDF to print the authorization letter.
  2. Please let the owner of the credit card place a signature on printed name
  3. Make a copy of valid ID with 3 signatures on the paper.
  4. Please send both documents by email to:
Credit Card Owner Details
Authorized User Details

To Summerset Travel Agency,
444 Irma Street, Marick Subdivision,
Cainta, Rizal, Philippines 1900,

Date: 23 July 2024,

From ___________

SUBJECT: Authorization for credit card usage for travel package from Summerset Travel Agency

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I _____________ (Name of credit card owner), authorize ___________ (name of credit card user) to use the credit card with the last for digits of _ _ _ _ with the credit card holder ______ (Name on credit card) for the purpose of travel package from Summerset Travel Agency.

Being my ____ (relationship with card holder), I allow him/her to have complete access to my credit card to pay for this travel packages from Summerset Travel Agency as specified below.

Payment was made through . See billing details below:
Invoice Number:
Billing Amount: ₱

In case, of need feel free to contact me at _____________ or _____________.

Best regards,

_____________ (Signature on Printed Name)