Summerset Travel Agency, the easiest way to find your ideal holiday.

Visit our site daily for the latest and newest, inspiring travel deals. Booking your travel is easy and convenient, so you can completely focus on the enjoyment of your holiday.

Our daily newsletter offers you special selected travel deals, as long as you want. You will explore destinations that you never considered.

What can I expect?

  • Inspiration and excitement by new travel options, before, during and after your trip.
  • A unique and refreshing variantion of travel experiences, close to home or far away.
  • A custom made travel experience, based on your travel desires and preferences.

Our achievements

  • Almost 5 years actively traveling!
  • More than 180.000 fans on Facebook
  • Over to 200.000 hotels

The background story

Summerset Travel Agency started in 2012 from home with just a laptop. They discovered that it was so hard to book a holiday. So many options and so hard to find all. They believed there is an easier way to do it, and they is why they discovered the best way to book your ideal holiday: Summerset Travel Agency!

Our headquarters is located in Antipolo City, and everyday we are here to make your dream holiday become a reality.

History of Summerset Travel Agency

  • 2012: Summerset Travel Agency launched with just a single laptop.
  • 2013: Summerset Travel Agency moved to Antipolo City.
  • 2014: Summerset Travel Agency launched a new and nice designed website.
  • 2015: Summerset Travel Agency hits the 180.000 fans on Facebook.
  • 2016: Summerset Travel Agency starts offering adventure van tours.
  • 2017: Summerset Travel Agency celebrates 5 year of existence.

On behalf of everyone of Summerset Travel Agency: Enjoy your holiday!

Official logo of Summerset Travel Agency in Antipolo City

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